Adventurer, me?

I am a member of various online communities and late this Summer I became an enabler for The Adventurer Club.

But am I really an adventurer?

I’m overweight, have bad osteoarthritis in my left knee and am rapidly approaching 40.

Not quite how imagine an adventurer to be, and sometimes wonder if what I do is truly adventurous.

But what do we mean by adventure anyway?

Is it about being a Shackleton, Fiennes or McNuff, or is it a state of mind? A willingness to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, to embrace new experiences and to quote The Greatest Showman to be “dreaming with my eyes wide open”.

Or is it retaining a childlike wonder about the world? Understanding the impact our actions have on others?

Is it all or none of the above?

Back in January I stopped off at my Aunt’s on the way to the station. It was my cousin’s birthday and I was dropping off her card and present.

I was intending to just drop it off and go, but was presently surprised that her brother and his family were down from Edinburgh for the weekend. So I stopped for a cup of tea and a chat.

His eldest daughter was surprised that I had everything I needed for an overnight stay in my rucksack. I was heading off to the Adventure Queens camp out. I think they were rather all surprised that I was going camping at the end of January. If I’m being honest, I was a bit too.

When I visited them in Edinburgh a couple of months later, she wanted to know all about that trip.

I am happiest when I’m outdoors, engaging with and soaking in my environment. Whether that be whilst walking, cycling or kayaking, being outdoors and active is my happy place.

Although the things that I do in my mind are mundane compared to many of the adventures I read about of others, they are still challenges for me. They can be just as inspirational to those I share them with.

So yes, I am an adventurer!

Why did I become an enabler for The Adventurer Club? Predominantly because I believe in what they are trying to achieve, but also to show that adventure is for any one and can take many forms.

Find out more about the Adventurer Club:


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