It’d be rude not to

This weekend was my first proper visit to Sheffield, my only previous visit being to Meadowhall shopping centre with my friend and her Mum 20+ yrs ago.

I always like to see a little bit of every city I visit. Have been twitching to use my proper camera for a while, so an exploration of some sort was on the cards.

I picked up a Sheffield Heritage Trail map at breakfast and aimed to see some of the sites that day. Unfortunately I’d failed to check the charge on my camera, so armed only with my smartphone I headed into the city centre with my parents.

On our way into the Heart of the City I spotted the signs for The Trans Pennine Trail.

It’s a national trail, so it would be rude not to even attempt to explore even a short section, right?

After a cursory exploration of the city centre, we headed off for a spot of shopping and were back by early afternoon.

The TPT was calling.

I had no map and was dressed in jeans and trainers. I figured I’d follow the signs for a bit and see how it went.

The first part of the trail from Victoria Quay heading towards Meadowhall didn’t look overly promising and I was a little nervous walking alone on quiet urban side streets of an unknown city.

I turned down an alleyway between two large factories, passing under a metal Five Weirs Walk archway, these mark a number of the sections on the route, this lead to the Burton Weir Easement. Suddenly, everything changes. The sculpted urban pathways and railings give way to an oasis of wilderness in the city.

The River Don sits nestled between the legacy of Sheffield’s industrious past and present, The wildness juxtaposed with evidence of its urban home.

The river and it’s banks are home to a wide variety of wild plants and wildlife.

Although I didn’t get to see any otters I was very lucky to see a Kingfisher is flight, skimming above the surface of the water. A flag of bright blue, a recognition of what it was, and it was gone.

I didn’t walk very far, a few miles at most but took my time to appreciate and soak in my environment. Definitely a trail I would like to revisit either by foot or cycle.

All it’s takes is a curious mind and willingness to explore to have an everyday adventure.



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