Feeling the funk

Every so often I get into a bit of a funk. I get tired, frustrated and want to completely change my life.

At the moment I’m particularly dislike my commute, best part of 2hrs each way which includes the best part of an hour on an at times extremely warm train.

My patience with others is low, and as a result am finding some of my office colleagues so irritating I find myself somewhere else to be.

There are times when I feel my constrained, limited by circumstances of my creation and feel powerless to change them. This is when I get grouchy and twitchy.

I cannot just leave my job and runaway, but tonight I can briefly escape. A few hrs of nature and mindfulness. For tonight is kayak night.

It’s been a few weeks since I was last in a boat, and they have been missed. Even better, I’ll be out on a group ride on Sunday. A whole day of thinking about nothing but the moment.

The funk will pass, it usually does. Still wouldn’t maybe mind a change-up though.


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