Seeing the good

Yesterday didn’t get off to the best start. My planned train was cancelled, then the magically appearing 9:01 was delayed. Was still better than having to wait until 9:32. I’d arrived at the station about 8:10.

I was most of the way to the station when I realised I didn’t have my purse. Do I go back home, don’t I, if I miss the train will there be another one? Trains aren’t exactly reliable at the moment after the 20th May timetable change.

I decided to keep going, I had a course in the afternoon so needed to get in by a certain time. Thankfully I’m able to top-up my Starbucks card via the app so could at least get food and something to drink.

Somehow I’d also managed to forget that said course was in South Kensington. Just a little walk from our office on Tottenham Court Road. I would also need to walk back to Kings Cross after.

The walk was not ideal, it was lunchtime and I was wearing sandals. Ok for a mile or so, not so great for much more.

But there was one big bonus, Hyde Park. There is something very special and calming about the Park.

I like the seemingly wildness of some sections. The mixture of trees and the sound of insects in the wild grasses. Kinda reminds me of Home. This contrasts with the more manicured sections of the south and east of the park.

You also have the Serpentine. I’ve been slacking this year and have missed going for a swim in the duck poo. Even the lake has two sides to it. The sense of calm and laid backness of open water swimming in the early mornings with the serps and the more tourist focused pedalos and posh cafes towards the other side of the lake.

Although the day had its challenges it was great to spend time in the park. There’s always a bit of good if you look for it.


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