2017: A year in review

Where do I start?

2017 was a bit of a crazy year, all good, but crazy nonetheless.

Not even entirely sure I can remember all of it.

Here are some highlights.

The firsts of the year:

  • Completing an urban tri
  • Tough Mudder Half
  • Inflatable 5k
  • Streak for Tigers
  • Paddled on natural moving water
  • Visited North America – Vancouver
  • Self-published a children’s story
  • Took part in Doug Smith cup – swimming 30m in 5c water is hard! Especially twice.

Furthest distances:

  • Women v Cancer Ride Night – 100km
  • Half marathon swim – 5km
  • Senate House abseil – 220ft

Other things of note:

  • Attending wedding of one of my best friends
  • Got a new niece
  • Became a British Cycling Breeze Champion
  • Finally got my British Canoeing 1 Star award
  • Bestival

One of the key things was being thanked by someone for sharing my own writings plus things of interest on a mailing list.

Things I’ve learned:

  • Don’t try to cycle 60 miles less than a wk after being ill – there’ll be nothing in tank to get up hills & you’ll be miserable
  • Don’t do too much
  • Spend time with those important to you

This year has been great, but I have done a lot of things on my own, and at times I was doing so much I didn’t really know which way was up.

I got very tired and noticed that I also felt quite lonely. There were times when simple things would reduce me to tears. Thankfully I have a great support network.

It was great to raise money for charity, thank you to those who sponsored me, but 5/6 events in a year was a little much.

There are things I want to achieve in 2018, but I will be trying to take things a little steadier.

So, ok, there are already a couple of things in the diary. All just for fun this year. There will be blog posts a plenty.

I am endeavouring to spend more quality time with good friends and family. Also, be more sociable re: clubs I am a member of.

Here’s looking forward to a fun and adventure filled 2018.

Happy New Year!


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