5 down, 1-ish to go..

This year I have taken on a number of challenges.  Partly to prove to myself what I am physically capable but also to raise money for causes that I believe.

Some of these challenges have been endurance events such Women v Cancer Ride The Night, others a more extreme version of previous activities – Senate House (200ft) abseil.

So far, all of these have been do-able. I turn up on the day, rise to the challenge and prove that ‘This Girl Can’!

It is my final challenge of the year that is proving the toughest. Unlike the others it’s not a one-off that I can sporadically train for. But needs routine activity to grind it out. This is proving to be my nemesis.

I’m not much of a morning person, nor do I like getting home late in the evening. Yet, somehow I need to get in these swims. 

To date I have swam 1.5km of 35.4km, and only 8wks of the original 12 remaining. Part of me is mentally banking on the 11th November 5km Swim, but also know without getting into a regular routine it will not be enough.

A large chunk of me wants to quite, my brain is saying it’s too much, I can’t do it – am making excuses.

But, I have to, people have sponsored me, I need to see it through.This challenge is far more psychological than physical. Wish me luck and nag me about my swims. 

Follow my progress at: https://www.aspirechannelswim.co.uk/user/u/14430


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