Coombe by argh! 

Well, that’s certainly how my legs felt my the time I finally crawled into bed yesterday evening.

I had spent the day with the wonderful Sarah V of London Mini Adventures exploring the North Chiltern Hills. Our intention was to cover the National Trust walk, Exploring the Chilterns Escarpment, and tag on an extra mile or two for joining the walk from Wendover station. But, instead of the planned 13 miles we ended up covering 16, and kinda stuck to the planned route.

We had been wished a lovely at our Adventure’s start, and that is what it turned out to be.

  Armed with Sarah’s iPad and my old school map (OS Explorer 181) and compass, off we went. We certainly got off to a good start; meeting some lovely dogs and stunning views from Coombe Hill.

The day continued in a similar vane with the discovery of a newly opened farm shop and no end of jaw dropping views and dappled woods, including the flint faced church in Ellesborough. 

Navigation was a little haphazard at times with a few wrong turns and two visits to a nature reserve; but lead to some great finds, such as a rope swing. Personally I’d have been a tad happier if I could have reached the floor.

Coming from the flatlands on the edge of The Fens, hills are a little bit of a shock to the system but weren’t going to stand in my way of a great day. It truly was a mini adventure.

All that’s left to say is ‘Thank you’ to Sarah for both her good company and for planning a most excellent mini adventure!


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