Happy & free

This is how a friend described how I look in the featured photo.

And they were right, at that moment I felt both of those things.

That is the beauty of the great outdoors and physical activity. They are a place where you live in the moment, are truly present and free from all of life’s distractions.

The photo was taken whilst out on a 12 miler with a local walking group. Not too long after what could be described as perfect training for tough mudder. 1.5 miles of wet, claggy, clay based Cambridgeshire soil between Upware and Kingfisher Bridge nature reserve.

It was a hard slog for a short stretch but built group camaraderie and brought on a few laughs. I could so easily of ended up on my behind so many times today, and so could several others but lucky for us we didn’t.

The only negative of the day was the hail and rain that appeared during the final few miles. It could of dampened our spirits, but served to spur us on to the finish line in Ely city centre and a well deserved drink or two!



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