Sunday Zumba high

Not the best or worst of weeks, but was glad to end the weekend with the one activity that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to my face – Zumba.

However, this wasn’t just any old Zumba fitness session. This was a crazy, funny, sweat-fest of a Masterclass led by two awesome Portugese instructors; Nuno Antes and Ricardo Rodrigues. With a brilliant humour filled warm-up as always from our fearless TeamDebz leader Debs C-M (Debs Zumba Huntingdon)

The hall was packed, bodies moving everywhere in time to the music. At times I lost thread of the routine, and probably looked like a plonker. But, you know what, it doesn’t matter.

The high from the session far outweighs any issues with body confidence or self- concilusness, and for that session nothing else exists except you, the room and the music. This is when I’m truly free, and nothing can stop that smile from coming to my face the minute the warm-up starts.

So thank you Debs and the TeamDebz minions for organising a fantastic event and all round fabulousness. 


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